The joy of six: part 3, CBX classic endurance racer

The Honda CB1100R concept revealed a decade ago at the 2007 Tokyo show was one of the show’s most memorable moments. It encapsulated a time for bikes that was simpler, more functional, but retaining all the style of old-skool cool. For the third installment of the CBX1000-flavoured series we’ve taken a liberal handful of the CB1100R’s essence and sprinkled it all over a digital CBX to create this, the CBX1000R classic endurance racer.

The famous six-cylinder motor is still the focal point but it’s now wrapped up in practical clothing – none of that hanging-on-for-dear-life that is so familiar to naked bike owners. Instead you get a CBR concept-inspired fairing and single seat unit and optional bellypan to protect those half a dozen downpipes of the worst dirt. The 6-6 exhaust system reminds anyone looking at the bike from the side that there are at least six pistons in the engine and bragging rights continue when you mention the 24 valves in the DOHC fuel-injected motor. it’s as ready for the road trip to the coast as it is for the classic endurance race at Le Mans.

Original 2007 Honda concept


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