The joy of six, part 2

We saw the CBX Roadster yesterday so today say hello to the stripped-down CBX1000 Cafe Racer Koncept.

When lightness, performance and style is everything, all unnecessary components are removed in the name of weight reduction. With this virtual koncept we’ve done away with all passenger provision which means a shorter subframe, no tail unit, grabrail or pillion footpegs. A full race exhaust releases more power and the switch to an LED headlight reduces weight further. A single digital display saves a few grammes and a re-sculptured fuel tank hides a bigger airbox for better breathing. A lightweight lithium battery lives under the single seat as does the tail light array. In the name of aesthetics we left the number plate and indicators in a cardboard box on the garage shelf.


The third and final part of the CBX update to follow soon…

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