Yamaha MT-10SP concept front Kenny Roberts

If Yamaha were to update the MT-10SP

Yamaha have just updated the MT-09 triple again, the fourth time in a decade. For 2024 it gets improved electronics and ergonomics, resonators in the airbox with vents to channel the sound to the rider, and sharpened up styling with (arguably some will value the most after much criticism) a new headlight cowl that is the most Iron Man-esque yet seen on a motorcycle.

An MT-10 in Kenny Roberts colours? Yes please…

The big boy four-cylinder crossplane MT-10 on the other hand, has had just one revamp since launch in 2016, with an update in 2022. This year it gets… nothing. But what if it did? What if it got those MT-09 aesthetic upgrades? What if we called it a the MT-10 SP, available in many different colour schemes? Hell, what if there was a fire-breathing MT-10 M model with an extra 25bhp to take on the Streetfighters and Super Duke 1390s of this world? What if, indeed.

Watch the video to see what it might look like.

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