Yamaha R6

Chrome wrapped R6 revealed

The Kardesign/Performance Bikes magazine Yamaha R6 has just had its first public outing in Spain over the weekend at the Cartagena circuit trackday event, as run by No Limits. Trackdayers were treated to the sight of the mirrored R6 as it lapped the sun-kissed circuit, probably briefly dazzling marshals as it cruised by. Wrapped by specialists Bossdog in Surrey, the chrome wrap will set you back a cool £1000 and has an expected lifespan of around 5 years. The R6 features a full Arrow exhaust system and a flashed ECU, bypassing the Euro 4 restrictions. Other than the Stompgrips and Bridgeston R11s, the R6 is stock, yet still lapped Cartagena at a respectable pace. We think it looks stunning, and possibly one of the most beautiful bikes in the UK.

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Check it out below!

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