The MT-10 SP Yamaha should be building – part 2

2021 was the year that saw the mid-capacity MT-07 and MT-09 get a little Yamaha love with updates in both bikes to keep them Euro 5 compliant. Along with emmissions revisions they also recieved a new look with tiny headlight cowls and softer edges all round, which is fair to say has divided internet opinion.

The MT-09 went furthest will an all-new frame design and a capacity hike from 847cc to 889cc which bumped up performance by 4bhp and 4lb-ft – that’s 117 bhp from 113 bhp and 64 lb-ft to 68 lb-ft of torque.

2021 Yamaha MT-07, MT-09… and an MT-10 to match for next year?

The MT-10 sadly, was overlooked. Again. Virtually unchanged since launch in 2016, Yamaha’s naked crossplane inline four saw an SP version in 2017 with semi-active suspension and a revised dash.

It’s still a great bike of course and the lack of updates might mean a low price point but the competition is slowly pulling ahead. It’s becoming the GSX-R1000 of the naked bike world. With this lack of TLC I gave the MT-10 a digital makeover a few months back… but it wasn’t enough as you asked for more. And who am I to turn down such an avalanche of requests…

So here it is, now with a revised cowl, inspired by the MT-07 Tracer, an extra virtual 15bhp (not pictured) weight reduction (also not pictured…) and 2021’s must-have accessory – winglets.

Check out the video which shows all the colour schemes. If you like the vid, please remember to SUBSCRIBE.

5 years on with no major changes – surely Yamaha have something lined up for the biggest MT next year? What would you like to see in the next-gen MT-10? Let me know on Instagram or Facebook

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