Yamaha Fizzy koncept: You never forget your first love pt 2

Yamaha FS1-E revisited, remixed and rebooted.

For many who started their biking careers in the 1970s, the Fizzy, as it was affectionately known, was how they might have popped their two-wheeled cherry. This is how it might look today If Yamaha were still building them.

Classic version features twin rear shocks
1974 Popsicle Purple version ‘boasted’ premix, pedals and drum brakes.

If you started riding powered two-wheelers in the 70s or early 80s, there’s a strong chance you would’ve owned a Yamaha FS1-E to cut your teeth on. Powered by a 49cc two-stroke motor the little Learner-friendly Yamaha easily had the legs on the equivalent Honda SS50 (which was a four-stroke). Back in the mid 70s the sub-£200 price tag would net you a machine that could top 50mph compared to the Honda’s measly 40-ish mph. While the Honda had the frugality, the Fizzy had the edge on top speed, acceleration and thrills with its lively stroker power delivery and when you’re 16 years-old you worship every single em-pee-aitch you can squeeze out of the motor.

Our Koncept still features the airbox in a cylinder, but now has fuel injection and a sneaky 65cc big bore kit to make 65mph a reality in our fantasy. More performance requires better chassis components. USD forks, uprated disc brakes all round and a chunky alloy swingarm are attached to the unique pressed steel frame. Although a mono shock rising-rate rear suspension is fitted as standard, a Nostalgia pack sees twin shocks as an option so you can relive those youthful memories to the max. Also in the digital accessories catalogue is a small screen to take the wind blast off arms and a halogen bulb alternative in case the LED set-up is too modern for your tastes. Last one down to the chippy pays for the Fanta…

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